Marketing is one of the most important budget items for any business. It doesn’t matter if you are already swamped with new customers or if you are having a bit of a dry spell, you need a good marketing team on your side. But the question is: Do you opt for an agency or do you bring in your own team?

An argument can be made for either one, but since every business is unique, the option that best suits you will depend on many factors.


Freelancers – A freelancer will be the most budget-conscious option. Freelancers are independent contractors who are willing to work for far below agency rates, as they do not have to shoulder the costs that an agency entails.

Agencies – When you opt for an agency, you are not only paying for the cost of the one or two services you are shopping for, you are also paying for the reputation of that agency, for the cost of running that agency and for the myriad of other services that agency offers. Like most things in life, you are paying for convenience.


Freelancers – Each freelancer will come with their own specific work history, which gives you a unique chance to select a person that has the exact work history that you are looking for in order to fill your marketing gaps.

Agencies – Part of the allure of an agency is that you are getting the collective experience of the entire agency. Agencies typically have a greater depth of collective experiences than a single freelancer.


Freelancers – As an independent contractor, freelancers do not typically ask their clients for contracts. There may be exceptions but for the most part, you can hire and begin working with a freelancer and stop work on the same day if issues arise, with few consequences.

Agencies – Working with an agency typically involves agreeing to some kind of contract. Whether it is a lump of hours to be paid as a retainer or a period of time during which you are required to pay for their services, there is usually an agreement of some kind between the agency and the client.

Available Services

Freelancers – As far as the number of services one freelancer can offer, there are several limiting factors, such as what skills the hired freelancer has and how many hours the freelancer is available to dedicate to the project. You will always have the option to hire more freelancers if one cannot complete the project, but multiple freelancers take more time and energy to manage than one. You also have more control over the output of a freelancing team, as you would typically be managing the project and directing them.

Agencies – A good agency is always the winner in the “Services” category. A full-service marketing agency can typically handle all of your marketing needs with limited involvement from you if desired.


When it comes down to the choice between hiring a freelancer and hiring an agency, there are many factors that influence the final decision. Freelancers will always be the budget-friendly option, but a good agency, although pricier, can usually handle more of your marketing issues all in one place.