During the last several years, the number of sales driven online has increased exponentially. Because of this, it’s more important than ever that you choose a good hosting company for your site. Beyond the need for a stable platform for your prospective customers to connect with you, a good web host will actually give you some distinct advantages over competitors who aren’t using first-rate hosting providers.

Additional Service Beyond Hosting

If you’re a business owner, there are a million reasons why the services provided by your web host are important. One of the key things having a great host provides is security for your website.

By 2021, cybercrime damage is estimated to reach $6 trillion, so it is probably a great idea to be protected from hackers and malware. Outside of cybercrime, there’s customer service. Maybe you don’t know much about web design, and you need help from time to time; well many web hosts offer 24-hour assistance.

Certain providers even offer fully managed hosting options, where your site will be in the hands of professionals, and you won’t have to worry about anything hosting related.

Site Stability

There is no point in having a beautifully designed site if it falls victim to hosting issues and can’t be seen by users. Choosing a poor quality hosting provider can leave your site inaccessible, and your business flat on its face.

This is bad for three reasons: search engines (e.g., Google) will penalize your site by lowering your SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Of course, people can’t find your site if it’s not online, and it can also send a bad message to your current customers.

Another risk you run with poor providers is file loss. If a web host is performing poorly, it’s safe to say their business is as well, which makes a shutdown of the provider more likely to happen. If you can’t risk your website being down, it’s probably a good idea to go with an established web host.

Site Speed

Google doesn’t often give us direct clues to ranking, but it has told us that page load speed is a direct ranking factor and something to pay close attention to.

Like a website that crashes often, a slow website is not at all attractive to customers or potential customers. Often the problem can be traced back to poor servers. The low-cost servers that can be used are shared servers, and these are often the culprits to slow websites.

In Conclusion

With there being many inexpensive web hosting options available, it’s tempting to go with a bargain quality provider. We all love saving money, but in this case, you’re really losing money.

Do you want to pay money for a website that constantly crashes? Do you want to put customers at risk, with poor security? Do you want to spend more time on your website than needed? Do you want to look professional?

When you answer these questions, the only effective solution for your hosting needs is to pick a top-quality provider, and steer clear of the bargain-bin options.