If you are looking to update your website, you may have noticed that there are a lot of new features out there to consider – that is the beauty and the pain of the constantly changing internet. One of the many things that professional website designers highly recommend that every website have is a mobile responsive design.

What is Responsive Web Design?

A website that has a responsive web design has the ability to adapt itself to the screen that it is being viewed on, no matter what device it is being seen on. With the staggering increase in the use of mobile devices such as smart cell phones and tablets, there are many different types of electronics that will be able to view your website.

Because of the many devices surfing the internet out there, you would be missing out on a significant amount of web traffic if your website is lacking the ability to adjust and respond to mobile devices, tablets, and any other electronic device. iOS/Android developers count on their devices being able to access mobile apps and mobile websites.

Here are a few reasons for why it is important to have a mobile responsive design for your website:

1. Lower Website Maintenance Costs

If you don’t have a responsive design, you face the tedious task of creating two versions of your one website. While converting your website to a responsive design may seem like an investment at first, the long term maintenance costs are much lower comparatively. Besides being less expensive in the end, have one website design that is responsive is also easier to maintain than two separate websites. This frees up more time for you to dedicate your time to more pressing issues. Custom websites mobile applications are also able to utilize location services so you can offer location based deals to get more online traffic to your site.

2. Shopping on Mobile Devices is Becoming More Popular

Due to the growth of mobile usage, shopping on mobile devices is also on the rise. The biggest draw to shopping on a mobile device is the convenience; why take the time to get in your car and drive somewhere when you can get everything you need online by shopping on your phone?

3. A Responsive Website Will Improve Your SEO Ranking

Search engines often look at the overall user experience, which means that mobile responsive websites are likely to rank higher in SERPs. This occurs because responsive sites generally provide content that is easier for mobile browsers to view, increasing the amount of time they spend dwelling on your site. When users stick around, there is a greater chance of gaining their trust and hopefully their business!

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