Google Fonts is a free selection of over 900 licensed typefaces that are available, right now, for your own business or personal use. The keyword here being free!

Cost Saving

The “no-cost” side of Google Fonts is certainly the service’s most important and admirable aspect. While there may be a time and place for a specific, premium font when originality is more important, the reality is, it may all just be arbitratry.. Costly typefaces may provide your website with an eye-catching display, but it is just not usually necessary in creating a website that is pleasing to the eye.

With nearly one thousand typefaces available, Google Fonts is sure to have something that can do the job and save some money in your design budget.

No Licenses

Furthermore, some premium font costs do not even include the cost of some licensing. This could include having the availability to use the font for print, or, some premium fonts even have costs for the number of website visitors. More visitors equals more prospective clientele, but it can also mean more money spent on font licensing! Google Fonts is entirely free without dreaded loopholes or extended expenses.

In addition, Google Fonts is readily available to anyone with a website browser. There is no need to pre-install fonts to gain access to typefaces like with some premium fonts, which can save a lot of time and headache, let alone page-loading speed.

Reliable Display

Another benefit to Google Fonts that should not be overlooked is the display. Supported by most major web browsers and mobile devices, Google Fonts has an incredibly speedy download that will help you avoid sacrificing prospective clients who do not have the time to wait for a page to load or to want to deal with a distorted webpage. This is especially important in today’s fast-paced society!


But with all things that sound too good to be true, there are bound to be some flaws that should be acknowledged. With how convenient and cost-saving Google Fonts is, it has become the standard to the majority of today’s websites, which means having a truly unique appearance with Google Fonts is not easy.

Additionally, offline content will not display the Google Font.

Getting Past the Disadvantages

Perhaps the solution to uniqueness is pairing multiple fonts together that work well together, but also stand out as unique to the eye.

Though appearance is important, the actual content is much more so, and with Google Fonts’ selection and reliable display, you can get away from the obligation that comes with pricey typefaces and spare those resources for a more valuable aspect of your business.