Okay, it sounds really cliche, but believe it or not, content is still the top contender for factors that rank a website. In fact, there’s no sign that content will ever NOT be imperative to how well (or how poorly) a website is doing in search rankings. Say you played all your cards right, even working with an experienced website developer like Sandcastle Web Design to create the perfect website. Your site is user friendly and optimized both for SEO and mobile devices. But you have little to no content on your site. Users might spend a few minutes on your site, unable to find the details of what they’re looking for, before leaving to check out a competitor site with a little more content.

In a recent study from Smart Insight in order to determine the most detrimental ranking factors of 2018, found that content still has an overwhelming commercial impact for businesses. With a 20% polling lead, content was followed by artificial intelligence. Most take this to be written words on your site’s pages or blog posts and reference articles for your users to peruse, but this isn’t always the case. Today, there are tons of content options for you to choose from in order to interact with your target audience and engage them in your business and services.

What Type Of Content Does My Site Need?

Content is all about engaging with your audience while giving them the information that they need in order to decide whether or not to purchase from your company. But you don’t need to resort to a ton of long-winded blog posts that all say the same thing in order to get the point across. Actually, in some cases, this might cost you potential clients. But the other side of the coin is creating content that Google and other search engines like, using SEO tactics and relevant keywords in order to associate that content with your site and your brand.

Video Marketing

Still, the fastest growing form of site content, video is incredibly interactive and volatile when it comes to giving your audience what they want. You can combine different forms of media in one informational video in order to teach your clients about what you do, who you are, or why your company trumps the competition. YouTube has become one of the largest search engines in the world, as more and more users choose to learn and interact through video. This just goes to show the massive potential of using videos to promote your brand. Using a clear call to action in your video is a great way to improve ROI as well.

Social Media Content

A ton of major brands love to interact with their users through social media platforms, one of the most popular being Twitter. This brings humanity to your brand and allows your potential clients to get a sense of how you treat customers. This is almost entirely about engagement over boosting sales. Encourage interaction by humanizing your brand and talking about more personal aspects of your company. Depending on what your company does, you’ll want to choose a social media platform that works for you, such as LinkedIn for B2B companies or Instagram for dining or retail businesses that want to provide regular updates on their company or offerings. You can also use social media to produce updates about your business or brand.


Blogging is still one of the most important aspects of SEO and can help to establish you as an authority in your niche. There are some products or services that benefit from additional blog posts on relevant topics. In the dental or medical industry, it helps to provide your patients with posts about common problems and treatments or seasonal issues that they may need to be aware of. A blog allows you to go more in-depth than a social media post, which is often better if you have a major news update or topic that you want to cover.


Sometimes a large block of text is just daunting and can tire a user out before they even start reading it. In cases where you have a lot of info to get across but don’t want to create a massive blog post, consider an infographic. Using your key points and some great artistic work, you can easily make use of this simple and functional medium.

Podcasts and Webinars

Like video, another growing media for content is the podcast. Both Podcasts and webinars are important for businesses that want to connect with their clients in a more intimate setting. These are also growing in popularity as users can listen to them while on the go or during work. This form of content requires fairly regular updates but can be a goldmine for new and existing clients if you can manage it.

Landing Pages

This is where the magic happens: conversions. Good content is and will always be a leading factor for converting potential clients into buyers. A landing page is where your potential leads end up when clicking a particular link across the web and can be a simple sales page, a full page of rich content, or anything else that you want to point your clients towards. A good landing page can dramatically increase your conversions.

Now that you know how to create and use great content formats for your business, get started improving your online presence and your ROI at https://www.sandcastle-web.com.