One of the things changing the digital marketing landscape is voice search. Voice search is changing the way consumers behave when making searches. At the same time it is also affecting marketers in optimizing websites for visibility. As a Seattle website development company, well versed in SEO, we make it our goal to help you achieve your digital marketing goals and objectives, no matter how search changes over time.

The ultimate goal in digital marketing is to generate traffic, leads, and customers. To do this, websites create content that can easily be found by the target audience. In so doing, they attract target users to do business with the company.

The Growing Pertinence of Voice Search

As voice search grows rapidly, it is important that local businesses and marketers understand how to rank their website for voice search. According to Google, there are about 3.5 billion searches made per day, and about half of those searches are done through mobile devices. Also, we’re told that about 30% of searches are voice queries.

With the development of virtual assistant technologies such as Google Now, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana, voice search is increasing rapidly due to its ease of use alone. Search terms such as “near me” and “open now” are becoming predominate as users make voice searches to find quick and exact answers to often locally relevant queries.

As digital marketers, it behooves us to learn as much as we can about voice search behavior and then optimize our websites for voice search. While it is not very easy to know exactly what a user would be searching for at any point in time, there are key best practices to help improve and optimize for voice search.

Match Site Content With Search Intent

The first step in optimizing for voice search is to make sure that the content you’re providing is relevant, useful, and valuable to the user on several levels. In creating any SEO related content, you have to think in terms of the user and the voice search terminology that they might use to find an article related to the content that you are providing.

Use Natural Language Keyword Phrases

Instead of the normal basic SEO keywords, you have to start thinking in terms of voice search queries. Use natural language that a user would most likely say to Google Home when making a voice search query. You’ll also have to include short phrases, questions and clauses that people usually use when communicating.

Get Optimized For Search Engines

When creating content, think in terms of the user and then search engines. Make it very easy for search engines like Google to know what your content is about and how it can best help a particular user. Use keyword phrases and tags that helps Google and virtual assistants to locate your content easily.

Use An Experienced Seattle Web Development Team

Always remember that Google’s goal is to satisfy their users and the goal of the user is to find the most useful and relevant content for a query. If you provide the best content that helps Google to optimize for a user, you will generate enormous traffic to your site and grow your business. Looking for SEO and web design services to grow your business? Learn more about how we can help you at

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