With the introduction of cloud storage, more opportunities for small businesses have opened up. With more and more small businesses opening up in smaller spaces, the large space needed for local data centers is not feasible. Cloud-based storage options give small businesses a quick and easy way to store large amounts of data without having to build out a data center. Let’s take a look at the importance of cloud storage for sales and marketing.

Easily Accessible

Cloud storage allows anyone on your team to access data as quickly as a few clicks. As long as you have access to the specified folder, you can pull anything out that you may need for your specific project. This is perfect for sales and marketing teams that need to share marketing materials, graphics, and reports without having to jump through hoops to get it pulled from a local network.

Allows For Easy To Manage Security

One of the best things about cloud storage is that you can easily manage who can see what in your specified folders. For example, if you have a Marketing folder with sensitive data and passwords, you can allow access to only those who need it to avoid others from seeing this information. If there are graphics for the whole team in the Marketing folder, you can set that specific graphic folder’s security to be able to be viewed by your whole team.

Larger Capacity Than Standard Storage

A huge drawback of building your own local storage data center is that you will have to build onto your data center when you need more storage. Most cloud storage programs are expandable up to what you can afford. You can pay for extra space at the drop of a dime and instantly have more room. This is perfect for busy businesses that do not have the time or resources to add storage to their data centers.

Cost Is Cheaper Than Most Data Centers

Building out a local data storage center not only costs a lot in materials but if you do not have an IT specialist on your team, the install is going to be substantial in cost as well. Most small businesses operate at a lower budget than most businesses, so being able to save money where they can is essential. Cloud storage is much cheaper than building out a data center, so it is usually the best choice for small and even large businesses.

Disaster Proof

A huge selling point for most businesses who store a lot of sensitive data is that cloud storage is not affected by floods, fires, or other disasters that can demolish a building. In the event of one of these disasters, your local data centers could be at risk of becoming severely if not completely damaged, wiping out all of your precious data. Stored in the cloud, your data is safe and sound while being accessible from nearly anywhere on earth. This is a great selling point for businesses near the coast or in other disaster-prone areas.