Possessing a sleek, eye-catching web page is essential for attracting customers.  When you first start designing web pages, it can seem as if all of the tools necessary for achieving great design come at an extremely high price. However, today, there are more free tools than ever to add to your design arsenal. Listed below are several of the most popular options that will help you create a colorful, stunning website that will continue to entice viewers!

1. Colour Lovers

Granting access to nearly every color imaginable, the free database Colour Lovers provides an open-space community in which designers from across the world post images and share their favorite colors, designs, and even palettes. If you ever struggle to decide which colors are a perfect match, Colour Lovers is a valuable resource. To date, users have shared millions of color palettes, so you can be sure that you will find the perfect fit for your website.

2. UI Space

Sometimes, it can be difficult to visualize the aesthetic your aiming for; however, with the help of UI Space, which provides free templates, it is easy to browse their extensive database and gain inspiration for future projects. UI Space offers access to thousands of icons, vectors, mockups, fonts, and templates that you can utilize for any project. As an added bonus, because UI Space is free, any template can be experimented with, so that you can mold it into the template you have been dreaming of. UI Space is essential for creating unique projects that pop!

3. Fontastic

One of the easiest ways to make your website stand out from the rest is by utilizing creative icons. However, icons are notoriously tricky to design and often expensive for designers to buy. Fontastic solves these problems by offering a program which will enable you to easily create, edit, and perfect your own unique vector icons. Providing over 9,000 icon templates to fine-tune, Fontastic will help you complete your website redesign in an instant.

4. Google Fonts and WhatTheFont

When it comes to fonts, Google Fonts is one of the most versatile and widely-used tools, offering designers with much-needed access to any font they can dream of. Plus, the addition of the free program WhatTheFont can instantaneously identify any font by analyzing any portions that you upload to it. With the help of these programs, it is extremely easy and quick to redesign the fonts featured on your homepage.

5. Mockplus

As one of the most-helpful tools on the list, Mockplus offers free prototyping to help you initially visualize your web project. With easy-to-understand features and intuitive controls, Mockplus grants web-designers an opportunity to create an online sketch of their ideas. Mockplus is an invaluable tool for any designers who struggle to visualize their projects.

Overall, each of these services can provide you with valuable tools to help you continue to redesign web pages that stand above their competition.