Running a blog, website or any other business that you make content for can be difficult. Sometimes the ideas for new content just don’t come to you. There may be times that you are not sure what to discuss next because you’re unsure of what your audience needs to see or hear. You may also not be sure what other avenues you want to take in releasing content. This may be one of the times that repurposing your previous content comes in.

Why do you want to repurpose content that you have already used? You may be able to capture a new audience by taking something you’ve done before and putting it out into the world in another manner. If you wrote an article or blog, turning it into a video that you post on your website or YouTube, you may be able to reach an extended audience or a whole new set of people that would not have been reached before. Using a different avenue to share your content is imperative. If you’ve never used YouTube, Pinterest, etc., these may be good ideas to share your content. Using different avenues allows you to reach a new audience with the same content you have shared already.

Taking a blog post and turning it into a larger, more detailed webinar is a great idea to repurpose content. It is a great selling tool and may result in more business and interest. Taking a blog that was popular and turning it into a webinar or podcast will allow you to expand on the original ideas that were within the blog and reach more people in different ways and pull more business out of something you already created. Can you take a blog post or e-book and create a webinar or class out of it?

Repurposing your content can save you a whole lot of time. Sharing something you’ve shared previously can bring this content back into the limelight and use a lot less of your time. Your time is precious and taking ten minutes to repurpose something is sometimes a necessity over spending two hours creating new content. You don’t want to recycle everything, but occasionally it will be good to do in a crunch.

A huge point when it comes to repurposing your content is to use your most popular content. Check the popularity through comments, clicks, likes, etc. If you use the most popular content you have, you will have the chance to make it even more popular. You can turn a popular post into a book or podcast. This will bring more people to your content and business. You would not want to use unpopular or ignored content because that will not bring you more attention; they will just ignore it even more. A great idea is to have a countdown post or greatest hits post with links to some of your top posts.

Repurposing content can be fun and useful if you change the way you share the information.