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Web Design

Every website tells a story. Whether that’s the story of a family-owned plumbing business that is approaching its third generation or a Silicon Valley unicorn that has more than $10 million in venture capital at its disposal, every website is a very public reflection of the entity that it represents.

With that in mind, what does your company’s website about you?

According to several studies, you have around 50 milliseconds to capture your audience’s attention before they bounce off your webpage, never to return again. Within that 1/20th of a second, potential customers will analyze your web design, layout, and overall visual appeal. If they’re hooked, they’ll keep scrolling, but if not, they’re gone, and may never return.






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We work with a lot of customers who are understandably wary of getting into the online space, or those who have simply been burned by agencies who promised a certain level of expertise, and never delivered. At Sandcastle Web Design & Development, we take a lot of pride in building relationships with our clients and our technology partners.

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What Goes Into a Great Website?

Defining a “great” website can change from person to person, but we generally mean two things when we say we design “great” websites. First, it has to be visually appealing and have a logical flow to it so that a user will perform the desired action (call the business, fill out a contact form, etc). Second, it has to rank well in search engines. Our designers are experts in both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and front-end development, so your site will built with the end user and a search engine in mind to achieve both results.

Our Design Process:

Some companies won’t give you a peek behind the curtain regarding how they develop your website. They’ll offer glimpses if you ask, but at Sandcastle, we want our clients to see the entire process so that they can offer valuable feedback along the way.



In order to design the perfect website, we have to first know who we’re talking to. We’ll ask you about your goals, your audience, and your specific preferences. We’ll gather as much material as we can about you and your company to develop a site that mirrors who you are.


We’ll prepare some initial design  concepts for you to examine (for examples of past work, check out our portfolio). You are free to give as much feedback at this stage – positive and negative – so that the finished product is exactly as you want.


Once you’ve signed off on the project, we’ll put take your site online! Using the latest in industry standards, we’ll make sure that your site is optimized for every browser and platform, both mobile and desktop.

Why Does a Responsive Design Matter?

In today’s highly competitive world and web-based market scenarios, responsive web designs have finally emerged as one important aspect of a profitable and successful business. When you opt for a responsive web design, you can experience the following advantages:

Improved User Experience

A responsive website is more user-friendly. Your site visitors will click, explore and stay on your site longer. This will increase the likelihood that they'll complete a purchase (or take some action if your site does not feature e-commerce). However, if your site is not easy to navigate, these visitors will likely get frustrated and leave to view your online competitors.

Preferred For Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Responsive sites rank higher on search results. Websites with responsive designs are given preference and encouraged by search engines as they're more user-friendly for mobile devices. These devices are becoming the primary way people use the web.

One Site, Delivered To Multiple Devices

Responsive web design websites are ``fluid`` which means the same content flows across all devices and screen solutions. Both images and grids are fluid, so the content spreads out to occupy a reserved space and maintain its appearance. This fluidity obtains the same result on smaller device screens, all with the same content. You manage one site, which will look a little bit different on the variety of devices that we've specified for your target audience.

Web Design Articles & Information

How To Help Your Website Design Specialist Understand Your Project Needs And Expectations

We provide guidance on effectively communicating your needs and expectations to a website design specialist. We emphasizes the importance of loving the design for your website and suggests describing your ideas in detail and working closely with the designer to achieve the desired outcome. To aid this process, being specific about your requirements and providing visual examples from other websites can be particularly useful. This approach helps the designer understand your vision and ensures the final design aligns closely with your expectations.

The Basics Of Interaction Design

We explain that interaction design addresses the early internet’s functionality issues, focusing on user interaction with website elements like forms and buttons. It’s distinct from user experience design but complements it, focusing solely on website usability and the user’s interaction with the screen. We emphasize the importance of consistency in design to reduce cognitive load, which, if high, can lead to negative outcomes like high bounce rates and low sales.

Why Your Site Should Be Optimized For Mobile Devices

We highlight the evolution of the web from text-dominant to a rich mix of graphics, video, and sound, emphasizing the importance of  responsive design for mobile devices as the dominant platform for accessing web content. We underscore that mobile sites and web dominate the online space, with billions of dollars in transactions and a variety of functions like financial transactions and resource management being performed through apps and mobile websites. We also differentiate between mobile sites, which are browser-based and often information-oriented, and mobile apps, which are more comprehensive, interact with the host device, and can perform complex tasks without needing to go online​.

Why You Should Hire A Professional Web Designer To Create Your Website

We evaluate the complexity of standing out as a brand in the modern, competitive business world and the importance of having a unique and captivating website. Hiring a professional saves time and allows business owners to focus on other critical aspects of their business, as creating and maintaining a website can be time-consuming. Professional web designers bring valuable knowledge and experience to web design, adeptly handling complex issues and providing expert insights into successful and efficient website creation​.

Best Web Design Practices When Using Modals

We examine using modals in web design and their effectiveness in capturing user attention, but also caution against their potential to annoy or frustrate users. We highlight the importance of pre-qualifying modals to avoid user confusion and ensuring modals are mobile-friendly for optimal user experience across devices. Additionally, we advises against bombarding users with modals, such as immediate newsletter sign-ups upon site entry, recommending instead to use modals in ways that enhance the user’s experience on the website.


What is the importance of web design for a company's online presence?

Web design is crucial as it reflects the entity it represents and you have only about 50 milliseconds to capture the audience’s attention with your web design, layout, and visual appeal.

What is Sandcastle's approach to client relations?

We focus on building relationships with clients and technology partners, aiming to understand and address concerns about online space and delivering promised expertise.

What defines a "great" website according to Sandcastle?

A great website is visually appealing, has logical flow, ranks well in search engines, and is built with both the end user and search engine optimization (SEO) in mind​.

How does the design process work at Sandcastle?

Our design process involves understanding the client’s goals, audience, and preferences, followed by creating initial design concepts with client feedback, to ensure the finished product is exactly as desired.

What are the benefits of opting for a responsive web design?

Responsive web designs improve user experience, are preferred for SEO as they rank higher, and are fluid, meaning the same content adapts to multiple devices and screen sizes, providing consistency across platforms.

How does Sandcastle help in moving away from outdated design ideas?

We assist clients by providing in-house designers and developers who analyze competition and craft unique designs, offering consultations to tailor a design that fits the client’s vision.

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