Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Websites are a living, breathing creature. To be most effective, they need to be continually updated with fresh, relevant content. If you have to call your web developer every time an update needs to happen, the costs will rack up quickly. Control those costs by internalizing those updates with an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS).

Empower Your Team To Manage Your Website With CMS

Our CMS platforms feature intuitive toolsets. Anyone on your team can update text, add photos, link up documents, and create new pages … keeping your site current and relevant. We provide thorough training and are available to answer your questions to guide you along the way to becoming a CMS webmaster pro






Most Popular CMS Platforms

We utlize a variety of content management tools across the sites we develop, but two of the most popular and widely used platforms are WordPress and Umbraco.



Harness the power of WordPress with Sandcastle, your premier choice for website design. As a leading content management system, WordPress provides a versatile foundation for dynamic, user-friendly websites. Our expert team leverages its customizable themes and robust plugins to create tailored solutions that align with your brand identity. With intuitive backend management, clients can easily update content. Trust Sandcastle to transform your online presence, utilizing WordPress to ensure a seamless, scalable, and visually compelling website that captivates your audience.


Choose Sandcastle for cutting-edge website design, harnessing the flexibility of Umbraco as our content management system. Umbraco’s open-source platform allows for highly customizable and scalable websites, tailored to your unique needs. Our skilled team ensures seamless integration, empowering you with intuitive content management and dynamic functionalities. With Umbraco, we deliver sleek, user-friendly websites that engage visitors and elevate your online presence. Let us craft a digital experience that embodies your brand, utilizing Umbraco’s powerful features for a visually compelling and efficient website.

Both Platforms Feature A Robust Set Tools

With these robust CMS platforms your team will easily be able to manage all aspects of your site. Primary features include:

Edit and format text

Schedule the publishing/un-publishing of pages

Add apps/plug-ins to extend the functionality of your site

Upload and position photos

Assign page privacy, ensuring only specified users/groups can access the page

Assign multiple website administrators with restrictions on which elements of the site they can update

Link to external websites or uploaded documents

Manage users and groups

Maximize site/page SEO with keyword dense content and page titles

Create new pages (that can be automatically added to the site navigation)

Update navigation

Update the design themes, colors and styles used throughout the site

Content Management System Articles & Information

How To Keep Your WordPress CMS Website Running In Top Condition

Here we provide key tips for maintaining a WordPress CMS website. We emphasize the importance of regularly updating core plugins and themes, backing up the website, and performing malware scans. Additionally, we recommend cleaning the WordPress database to ensure efficient operation and faster website performance.

Top CMS Platform Alternatives To WordPress

In this article we evaluate alternatives to WordPress as CMS options. We include Umbraco, known for its design flexibility and usability across business scales; Pulse CMS, which operates without a database and offers a unique editing experience; and Ghost, which is tailored more towards blogging and publishing with limited flexibility. The article also mentions Drupal, a powerful but less beginner-friendly option, and Joomla, the second most used CMS, which offers multilingual support and flexible module assignment.

Keys To Avoiding And Retrieving A Hacked WordPress Site

Strategies for avoiding and recovering from a hacked WordPress site. We discuss the importance of creating strong, unique usernames and passwords, keeping WordPress themes and plugins updated, and avoiding shared hosting. The article also provides steps to take if a site is hacked, including scanning for malware, assessing the extent of the hack, contacting hosting support, and restoring information from backups.

Custom Design vs. Design Templates For CMS - Which is Best For You?

In this article we contrast custom website design with template-based design. WE explains that custom design involves hiring a design firm to create a unique website tailored to specific business needs, whereas template designs offer a quicker and often less expensive route with ready-made themes like those in WordPress. The article emphasizes the importance of considering business requirements, budget, and the desired level of control over the website’s functionality and aesthetics when choosing between these two approaches​.

Using Killer Content To Improve Your Site

Here we evaluate various forms of content to enhance a website’s appeal and search rankings. We cover the effectiveness of diverse content types like video marketing, social media content, blogging, infographics, podcasts, and webinars, highlighting their roles in engaging audiences and boosting SEO. The piece also underscores the significance of content in driving conversions through landing pages, presenting content as a crucial element for online presence and ROI improvement.


What is a CMS?

A CMS, or Content Management System, allows for the easy updating of website content without needing technical expertise.

What CMS platforms does Sandcastle specialize in?

Sandcastle specializes in WordPress and Umbraco, which are popular for their flexibility and user-friendly interfaces.

Can I manage my website without technical skills?

Yes, Sandcastle’s CMS solutions are designed to be intuitive, allowing anyone to update text, add photos, and manage content.

What are the key features of CMS platforms?

Key features include text editing, scheduling content, adding plugins, user and group management, and SEO optimization.

How does Sandcastle support clients using CMS?

Sandcastle provides thorough training and ongoing support to help clients become proficient in managing their CMS.

A Few Sandcastle Content Management System Projects

Artisan Electric

Yami Yogurt

Gravitas Chemicals
WordPress w/ WooCommerce

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