A press release is a great way for you to increase the awareness of your business, brand, or even a new product release. It allows you to send out all of the important information regarding the business to the appropriate outlets to give them everything they need to know to help spread the news. Today, we are going to look at a few different ideas on how you can use press releases to help generate some buzz for your business.

Announcing A New Business

If you have not done a press release for your new company, there is no time like the present. A press release is a great way to announce the opening of a new business. By sending out all of the details of your new business such as the name, location, and the services that you provide, you can reach a new customer base simply by sending out a press release.

Now Hiring

If you are wanting to hire new employees for your business from outside of the company, a press release can help make sure that your job posting is seen by a broader audience. This can help bring in a great selection of new faces, skills, and enthusiasm to your workplace. Be sure to include all of the job duties, qualifications, and requirements to help bring in qualifying candidates.

Winning Awards

Winning awards as a company is a huge achievement and is a great selling point for new clients or customers. When a company wins an award, it is usually due to its superior products, industry-leading customer service, or the problem-solving services that they offer. While it is a great way to build morale as a company, it is also something that should be shared with the general public to show your business’ reputation and commitment to quality.

New Products/Services

When releasing a new product or service, a company’s marketing team can usually take care of getting the word out to potential customers. However, a press release can help expand that audience and get your product or service in front of the eyes of more people than standard marketing procedures. This type of press release will need to include photos, details, and a great description of the product or service to give the customer all of the needed information to make a call to your company.

New Clients

If your company has picked up a high-level client, it is worth mentioning to help show what type of customers choose your services or products. When other companies see that their competition or fellow partners are using your service or products, they will be more inclined to trust your company and discuss how you can help benefit their company.

Business Changes

Large business changes should always be sent out in a press release to help let the public know of any major changes. This can include price changes, location changes, or any other changes that may affect how someone may interact with your company. Keeping your consumers informed about the business will allow them to interact with your company in an easier fashion.