Online forms can serve as a digital marketing gateway as they help you discern which people will develop into paying customers. However, in order to access the benefits of forms, it is important to create ones that users will actually fill out. By revamping your form with the following suggestions, you can ensure that your form will entice users and convince them that your service is valuable.

1. Remove any excess fields

First off, one of the easiest ways you can improve conversions is to remove as many fields as possible. When asking for information, be purposeful in what you ask for and ensure that you truly need it. If not, scrap the field. You can start removing unnecessary content by deleting any optional fields; one quick way to shorten forms is to avoid asking for their password twice.  Experts suggest that in nearly every case, the only major piece of information you need is their email address. Less is more as fewer fields always result in an increase in conversions.

2. Grab their attention!

Regardless of what you are attempting to achieve with your form, the first step in attracting clicks is grabbing a users’ attention with your content. Include information on an optimized landing page alongside your form that prominently displays the valuable content you are offering to the customer. For example, include attention-grabbing headlines, eye-catching content previews, and even easy-to-read bullet points. Your goal is to engage potential customers by making them curious. Another option is to show social proof, include testimonials to convince users that others have completed your form. Social proof reassures users that their data is safe and that they are signing up for a potentially valuable service. Overall, by editing and refining your content, you can further encourage potential customers to click “submit.”

3. Revise your microcopy

Now, diving into a smaller often overlooked aspect of forms, another essential feature of any successful form is the language that is used to guide people while they are completing it. Microcopy, the small sections of text which instruct users, plays an influential role both in encouraging users to fill in the form and speeding up the process by preventing errors. Revise your microscopy to include more natural, conversational style language; humanize the process which can help users avoid misinterpretation or confusion. By crafting enticing microcopy, you can further motivate people to respond to your form.

4. Enhance your visual design

Along with text-based elements, form design matters; people are more trusting of visually-appealing designs. For example, limit the number of fields, optimize the “submit” button, and use a design that is mobile-friendly. By working to craft a stunning form, you can take advantage of an eye-catching creation which is perfect for promoting your brand.

Revising your forms into visually-enticing, captivating links is essential in advertising your business and attracting customers. By utilizing these suggestions, you can consistently convert views and cultivate relationships with customers.