mobile vs desktop purchases

Online traffic is especially important to pay attention to when dealing with Ecommerce. If you are selling goods or services online, it can be helpful to know if the majority of your customers are viewing your website through a conventional desktop or, thanks to the rise of technology and mobile devices, their cell phones.

While desktop purchases are still very common, there is a distinct difference in the trends of mobile vs. desktop purchases – purchases made on a desktop tend to be more expensive items and services while mobile purchases tend to consist of relatively inexpensive and low consideration items such as movies, digital content, and games. However, the products that have the higher mobile purchase rates tend to have the fastest E-commerce growth as well.

Mobile Responsive Design is Crucial

Website designers everywhere stress the importance of mobile websites and having a responsive design due to the modern influence of technology and all of the internet compatible devices out there, such as smartphones and tablets. The convenience of mobile devices is opening the door for many new products to be purchased online that normally wouldn’t be, such as event tickets, jewelry, watches, toys, hobbies, and digital tech accessories. If there are any issues with your mobile website, the friction will negatively impact your potential sales.

If you are still unconvinced of the rise of mobile device purchases, just look at the numbers. Here are some helpful statistics regarding the use of mobile devices:

  • Over 125 million U.S. consumers own a smartphone
  • Over 50 million U.S. consumers own a tablet
  • Over 60% of smartphone owners have purchased something online through the use of their personal mobile device within the past six months
  • The majority of shoppers have used their cell phone to look up reviews of products and compare prices while in the physical store

Even if the majority of your online consumers are making their purchases via a desktop computer, many people continue to rely on their phones for comparing prices as well as looking up product and company reviews. Whether your customers are using mobile devices or a desktop, having a professional custom website development company update your website can be extremely beneficial to your Ecommerce development.

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To be frank, if your E-Commerce site is going to be successful you simply have to cater to mobile device users – this category alone could end up being the majority of your potential consumers! Every day, more and more smartphone owners are using their devices with the intent to make online purchases. Due to the rise of mobile devices, you simply can’t afford to not have your website be compatible with mobile devices and have a responsive design. Despite the continuous use of desktops for E-commerce purchases, mobile websites should not be overlooked. Sandcastle Web Design & Development excels at redesigning websites for responsive designs, better SEO practices, and even custom website development. Contact us if you have any questions about our services!