Marketing is a tool that businesses use to gain more sales and customers. When this is not implemented properly, or a specific marketing campaign does not go as well as originally thought, it just seems like wasted dollars. This is why a periodic marketing review is so important. It helps to go through the marketing that has been put in place to see if it is effective or needs to be adjusted. This can be the difference between keeping customers or losing customers.

What to Consider When Doing Your Review

One thing to consider while reviewing your marketing plan is to determine whether or not your business met its goals in the past quarter, year, etc. If the answer is no, was marketing part of your plan to reach your goal? When you go through the process to determine why the goals were not met, marketing needs to be one of the topics of discussion. If a marketing campaign goes awry, it may have had a negative effect on business; therefore, negatively affecting the goals of the business.

Looking at all aspects of marketing, you need to review your advertisements, web pages, even possibly your signage. Everything that the world views of your business can have an effect on what a possible customer thinks and whether or not they will use your business. Marketing is used to attract more customers and keep the current customers that a business has. Everything that they see in relation to the business such as the web page or the signs that are used can affect their decision to go with one business or another. If the webpage is outdated, an update of that could be beneficial.

Who is the intended target of your business? During a marketing review, it is important to look at all aspects, and the intended target of marketing is a huge part of that. If the marketing tools being used are not reaching the intended audience, it would mean that you need to rethink your strategy so that you can reach that audience.

Take a Look at Your Platforms

During this marketing review, it is important to look at each one of your platforms to ensure that your branding, logo, etc. are consistent. You do not want to use one logo on your webpage and another on the sign outside of your business because that would get confusing for any potential customers. Businesses are recognized for their brands and logos. If they are inconsistent, this will lead to potential customers not being sure they are going to the correct place to order or visit, and they may just give up and go to another business that they can recognize.

These marketing reviews can occur as often or sparingly as you see fit, but it is important that they do take place. It is a great time to go over goals and plans for the business because marketing is an essential part of that. Marketing is a huge part of the business and it is important to keep that in check as you do with goals for the business.