In short, yes. You need interactive content.

Among all very high-performing content, 88% is interactive, according to Neil Patel, one of the top marketing professionals. That’s because interactive content:

  • Increases engagement
  • Captures more relevant data
  • Increases brand loyalty
  • Cuts through the noise

In an age where most content on the internet is static, interactive content not only makes you stand out but also provides valuable and individualized information to a visitor. Plus, users are getting more and more accustomed to interactivity. Apps are more engaging than websites, and most of the top-performing sites thrive on interactivity.

Interactive content is vital to succeeding online.Best of all, it not only helps your users but can also provide you valuable information about your users. So let’s see some ways you can incorporate interactivity into your website.

Types of Interactive Content

Since interactive content is a must, here are some content ideas to help you get started.

  • Quizzes – Perhaps associated mainly with BuzzFeed, quizzes are wildly popular. Many companies use quizzes every single day to gather more visitors and convert more customers for one simple reason: they work. In fact, 96% of users that start a BuzzFeed quiz finishes it. That’s impressive!
  • Polls and Surveys – Users crave polls and surveys because it allows their voice to be heard. Furthermore, it’s a quick and easy way to share their opinion. But best of all, as a marketer, you get tons of valuable data about your potential customers. They will happily tell you how they feel, and you can get a better idea of what they are looking for.
  • Calculators – Calculators are one of the best solutions to make your sales funnel more interactive. Calculators quickly allow users to see your pricing or their return on investment. No more fudging through complicated pricing tables. No need to contact you for a quote. Just a simple solution to tell them exactly how much it will cost. And many, many sites have seen significant increases from merely adding a calculator to their pricing page.
  • Assessments – Among every type of interactive content, assessments are the most appreciated form out there. Plus, it allows a business to get valuable information about a specific customer. This negates the need to treat them as a general customer. You can target their needs, wishes, and desires individually. Assessments used to be called “personality tests,” but are now used to help provide users with individualized data. These include self-diagnosis of problems, identify needs, compare their benchmarks, and make personalized suggestions.
  • Interactive Infographics – Infographics have been one of the most effective and shareable types of content for many years. However, more and more businesses are making their infographics interactive. You can reveal answers to questions on hover, provide data on scroll, or transition a chart on click. With interactive infographics, more sites will link back to yours, which will also give you a nice SEO boost.

What Will You Do?

Now that you know interactive content is the secret to cutting through the noise, which type of content are you going to add to your site

With many new tools for interactive content, it’s easier than ever to make your site engage every user that arrives. Here at Sandcastle, our web design services can help you get the interactive content you want on your website in the most beautiful and effective way.