It’s 2022. Today’s lifestyle is loud, digital, and most-importantly deadline-centric. Today’s people are online viewing videos for a maximum of ten to fifteen seconds (and that is if you achieve a full view rate on social media sites like TikTok). Basically, you only have a few short seconds to capture the attention of your ideal buyer. So, with that in mind, is blogging still worth it? Absolutely! Here’s why …

A Modest Investment with a Big Time Pay Off

When it comes to marketing, maintaining a blog is a relatively small monetary investment. Other marketing options like pay per click advertising or straight up outbound ads (think billboards) are costly and may not pay off if they aren’t aimed perfectly. Yes, it will take time to maintain, and yes, it will take time to produce results (launching a blog will not mean overnight success), but a blog will not be one of the marketing efforts that will bankrupt your business.

Some of the ways you can begin to make actual money back from your blog include monetization through affiliate marketing, ads, or by creating info products.

Beyond that, though, a blog can help you build a long-term relationship with potential buyers where you position yourself as an authority in your space by creating valuable content (and when we say valuable, we need relevant to Google search). The latter of these concepts is why many choose to blog.


Think about it. When you go online, if you aren’t scrolling through social media, it is highly likely that you are searching for an answer to a specific question. Blogs can answer those questions if they are written with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind.

Website content and blogs are there to serve a specific purpose. Internet users are googling for information, they grab the info and go out.

Often times, the users are taking the information directly from the Google search page.

If you get into the practice of thinking about what your end-user wants information on, you can write articles to serve it to them. And, if you play your cards right, that one helpful step could be the beginning of a much longer sales cycle.

The Consideration Process and the Buying Cycle

People don’t simply wake up one day and decide to make a big purchase. Okay, well, some do, but the majority of online and offline users need time and multiple touches to consider their decision. The investment level of your product will directly dictate how long it will take them to convert. During that consideration period, it is essential to provide consumers with the educational materials they need to make an informed decision or purchase.

Almost 50% of buyers need to view up to five pieces of content before taking action, and beyond that, in general, optimized blogs generate 67% more leads.

Leads and customers. Those are things that every business needs to survive and thrive. Therefore, an updated and optimized blog is a simple way to educate potential customers and turn them into leads.