Augmented reality has drastically changed how we interact with technology on a day to day basis. Augmented Reality is engaging and exciting, and since society as a whole is becoming more visual, it’s no surprise that AR is working its way into the world of advertising.

In light of recent trends, it would be really hard to deny that Augmented Reality SEO is indeed becoming a thing. The sooner your company starts learning about and preparing for this, the easier the transition will be!

Re-emphasizing Local SEO

Local SEO will become much more important once augmented reality really starts to take off. There are a few reasons for this with the main reason being that AR runs in real time – based on location!

Products like the Google Lens allow users to use this technology to gain insight about local businesses in real time when they are passing through an area.

Reviews from sources like Google Reviews will hold more significance because AR technology will broadcast this information for those passing through to see. All of this means that Local SEO will be more important than ever in the days to come.

Here are Some Tips for Making Sure your Local SEO is in good shape:

  • Be sure to include your address along with your business name on your website
  • If your business information is listed on any other websites, make sure it is accurate
  • Make a profile for your business on platforms such as Yelp, and interact with reviews

Augmented reality depends on physical location to give users relevant information, so by correctly listing your address in all databases on the internet, you are making sure that your business is getting exposure through AR platforms.

Directory platforms such as Yelp that link consumers to local businesses are already taking steps towards working with augmented reality through geo-tagging. Having your business on these platforms will help to increase your exposure when AR becomes mainstream.

Social Media will be Even More Powerful than Before

Social media is such a successful advertising platform because it allows companies to engage with the consumer in a way that is direct. Augmented reality will be adding more depth to the level of engagement that social media already allows for with customers – making it even more powerful than before, and hugely important when it comes to SEO!

In this day and age most companies already utilize social media to some capacity, but with augmented reality becoming more popular each month, now is the time to really start getting familiar with it.

Augmented Reality is Still New Territory

There’s still a lot to learn when it comes to this technology, and there is likely to be a bit of a learning curve for everyone involved. Like with most other types of technology it will evolve and change with time.

With that being said, the information listed above can help you to get started when it comes to preparing your SEO for the future.