Influencer marketing has taken social media networks by storm. Working with an influencer can boost your business and can help you reach new audiences and grow your brand.

Trust goes a long way for new customers. In the digital age, we depend on reviews and testimonials to help us decide what to buy. Influencer marketing may not be right for every business. However if your business relies on reviews, traditional content isn’t working, or you’re looking to stand out, influencer marketing can give you an edge and help consumers connect to your brand.

Build Trust and Quality

Consumer product businesses rely on reviews and word of mouth to drive sales and reach new markets. Amazon’s a prime example; the best selling products have the most reviews.

Consumer goods like beauty products or sporting equipment rely on glowing reviews. The right influencer can help make your brand trustworthy to new customers and show off the quality and unique features of your product. Likewise, if you’re in a competitive space, reviews and endorsements from influencers can give you a competitive edge when finding new customers.

Traditional Content isn’t Working

As you build your brand, influencers will help shape the lifestyle around your product or service. If traditional blogs or email campaigns aren’t connecting with your customers, than influencer marketing may be the content that will speak to your audience and drive engagement. Marketing is becoming a seamless part of our lives from product placement to media campaigns. Working with influencers can make your marketing strategy a bit more appealing and interesting to your customers.

If you have a clear target audience for your product, you’re bound to be more successful. Look for a well-known podcaster or youtuber who is in your industry and will endorse your product whether it’s skateboarding shoes or a new chef’s knife. Influencer marketing lends itself to short, entertaining videos and digital content. A long-form blog may just not be cutting it and costing you precious marketing dollars. A clear voice that represents your brand may attract more interest to your brand than a boring white paper. Giving customers a human connection to your product will help strengthen the bond they feel to your product.

You Need To Stand Out

Straight-up sales pitches can be a turn-off and customers don’t want their time wasted by a scammy front man. The more you can incorporate human trust into your brand, the more your customers will feel like they’re buying from a trusted friend who has their best interests at heart.

If your marketing goal is to create long-term value for your customers, including influencers in your content can build credibility that will eventually lead to sales. Top-tier influencers give your customers an easy way to engage with your brand and create a new channel for sales.

Influencer marketing won’t magically solve all your problems and should complement a fully viable marketing strategy. That being said, including a well thought out, strategic influencer campaign to your content mix can provide value to your customers and help attract new potential customers.