With the ever-changing landscape of the marketing industry, AI has become a marketer’s favorite new tool. AI has allowed companies to collect and organize large amounts of data and even help cut costs by acting as customer service agents in the form of chat bots.

What Is A ChatBot?

A social media bot is an automated chatbot that can answer commonly asked questions that come through your social media channels. One of the most popular bots, a Facebook messenger bot, uses Facebook’s messenger platform to interact with customers and help answer their questions. Most are self-learning and can be programmed to answer any number of questions. This is a great way to gather data and save time and money.

How To Generate Leads & Cut Costs With Bots

When using chat bots, you can help to answer customer questions quicker, easier, and while answering other customers at the same time. Chat bots can help to access the customer’s needs and provide them with links to click to get more information for data collecting. This is a great way to generate new leads and help to cut the costs of manual labor as chat bots can always run and can do the work of many different workers, especially for busier businesses.

Who Can Manage Bots on My Team?

Chat bots can be managed by just about anyone on your team. You can assign users to the program to monitor incoming conversations, answers to questions, and even pull reports on commonly used words to build up a database of frequently asked questions. By assigning someone to manage your bot, you essentially have someone watching over a team of AI customer service agents. This is a great way for someone to head up the overall project to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Who Should Create Your Bot?

Creating your own chat bot is quite easy and the one to build your bot most likely works at your business. What you will want is the person who has the most interaction with customers and content creation. This person will usually be skilled in article writing, email marketing, and social media.

As far as creating your bot, there are several programs available to help design and implement your bot. This can range from the simplest of bots to more intricate, all-in-one bots. When in doubt, seek the help of a professional to ensure your bot is correctly configured.

How To Use The Information A Bot Gets To Make Your Business Better

In order to make your business better, you will need to closely monitor the data that is coming in. Check over each of the questions that are being asked and ensure that all of the answers that the bot is giving are correct.

Also, you will want to run reports on commonly used words or questions to find out what kind of content your customers are looking for. This can lead to new video, products, and article ideas.