Sending out emails that get fabulous open rates is a dream for everyone involved in email marketing. Does this sound familiar? You spend days or weeks cultivating a lead only to have them vanish after you finally send a proposal or you have an extensive lead list that you pulled from every available resource and your offer email barely gets a 6% open rate.

What is a good email marketer to do?

Let’s imagine now that this was an in-person sales call. After a meeting with a prospective client, regardless of how it went, would you disappear without a trace or would you give them a call a few days later to thank them for their time? Of course, you would call, and a good email campaign is no exception.

Customer service is more important than ever in our digital world and the follow-up email is an integral part of nurturing the customer journey.

Here are a few examples of follow-up emails and the best scenarios in which to use them to maximize replies.

Quick Reminder


Hey (Client’s Name),

I wanted to follow up with you to see if you had a chance to review my proposal.
Let me know if you have a few minutes to chat about it in the next few days.

Talk soon!

Who is it for? The “Quick Reminder” is perfect for potential customers who might have either missed your initial email or are incredibly busy and just haven’t found the time to circle back to you yet.

Verify the Contact


Hi (Client’s Name),

I sent you some information recently about [proposal topic]. If you are not the correct person to reach out to regarding this, please let me know who on your team I should be speaking with.

Thank you!

Who is it for? This email follow-up is ideal for contacts in larger companies, where individuals may have different responsibilities than their titles imply. Employees also tend to switch positions so following with the wrong person, may lead you to the right one.

The Final Email


Hey (Client’s Name),

Just checking in!

I wanted to check and see if you are interested in [thing, service, or event.]
Please give me a call at [phone number] so we can chat further if you are!

And if not, please let me know so we can both save some time and energy.

Have a great day!

Who is it for? This attention-grabbing email is useful for drawing one last little bit of attention from a potential lead after five or six attempts to follow up. This one probably won’t get a response, but it has an air of finality that is inescapable.


Sending well-timed follow-up emails is an important part of the email marketing process. And you can always follow up on your follow up. The experts recommend a nurture series of five to six follow-up emails depending on your own open rates but use your own results to tweak your campaigns. A follow-up email is a perfect way to remind your prospect that you value their time and their business, so make sure you are using them whenever possible.