So many people are hungry for education, however, not everyone has the expendable cash to feed their expensive belly of knowledge. Or at least, they don’t think they do.

Think about it, have you ever passed Krispy Kreme after a work out when the “Hot Now” neon sign is glowing that glorious red, and then you uncontrollably find yourself crossing through four lanes of traffic, pulling into the parking lot, and heading inside for a free glazed donut? And then what? Forget the burned calories, you decide you should probably buy yourself another dozen more as well as an iced coffee since you already bothered to come in.

The fact is, just add the word “free” in front of anything, and you are sure to get some hungry bites. Education is no different. “Free” is that word we can all get behind (and probably “donuts”), and using free courses to gain clients may be the perfect bait to your potential customer, specifically on a topic that interests them. Here’s why:

Free Draws Them In

A question gets them searching, “free” gets them interested, but a good online course will keep them hooked. You can do this through writing, but a video is another great and effective way to gain interest. Still, however you go about delivering your online course, if you are giving prospective clients good content, not only do you earn their commitment, but you become a knowledgeable authority that they trust.

Earn Their Trust

Trust is important, and with the word “free,” there can often be the reluctance of when the catch is going to present itself. A free online course needs to not neglect information or feel like you are holding back in any way. Engage and really show prospective clients that you have their best interest in mind, and then the only catch is that they’re going to want to continue their commitment to you.

Engage the Audience

Another great benefit of free online courses is engagement. Just by registering for the course, the prospective clients are introducing themselves to you, and unlike reading through a lengthy article, you can monitor where they are losing interest or struggling to comprehend. This can help you tailor to your prospective clients’ needs, which is important in all aspects of business and education. Not many people are textbook learners. Many need more personal attention to comprehend, and when they comprehend, they stay engaged.

When all is said and done, if a client feels interested, engaged, and like they are truly taking something away from the course, they are going to be more likely to sign up for future emails and information, request your service, and/or purchase products that you provide.

All in all, free online courses are an excellent option to consider when trying to gain clients for your business!