Designers know how important user experience is, but they often struggle actually to measure it properly. However, quantifying user experience doesn’t have to be impossible. Below, we will be going over some of the different ways you should be able to show the value of your user experience and why it is so important to actively improve it.

Showing the Value Of User Experience

1. Get Feedback and Analyze It.

One of the best things that you are going to be able to do to effectively see how well your UX is designed is by looking at feedback from users. By seeking user feedback, you will be able to evaluate the entire experience and identify issues with your design. Checking for feedback is one of the clearest and best ways to identify specific pain points in your design because it is going to come directly from users. As a designer, it can be challenging to narrow down specific issues with your UX design because you are typically an expert. Thus, you need to get feedback from your actual users to figure out specific problems with it, where users might be getting stuck, and more. You can do this accurately by devising a test of some sort which can help you quantify the results accordingly. The test should be set up with both simple and complex tasks and you should provide a guide for feedback using a numerical scorecard. That way, you will be able to figure out where your UX passes and where it fails.

2. A/B Testing.

Another big thing that you are going to want to do to really test your user experience is to run A/B tests with different designs. That way, you will be able to tell which one users interact with the most and which one provides you with the best scores total. You will be able to tell a lot by using A/B split testing because you are going to be able to see which gets the most page views which means that they are generally having a much more positive experience in total. Whereas, if you are scoring fewer page views, the user is likely experiencing issues with the UX that is causing them to bounce off to another website rather than finding what they are looking for within your website.

3. Create A Poll.

Another good way to figure out what kind of experience you are giving out is by simply asking them whether or not they had a good experience or if it could be improved in some manner. By asking your users these simple questions, you are going to be able to figure out whether or not your UX is flawed and you might even get specific areas that you can look to improve upon.

Providing an efficient and good overall user experience to your visitors is crucial in today’s digital age. Because of the increased competition and because users demand high-quality experiences more than ever before, it is essential to focus on the user experience that you are providing and to actively take steps to improve upon it.