COVID-19 has changed everything. Businesses are quickly scrambling to update their current marketing strategy to stay seen as relevant to their clients and consumers. Many people are currently out of work or impatiently waiting until they can return to their jobs. Understanding the current needs of customers in today’s market will help a company to succeed during an unpredictable time when nothing is guaranteed.

There are some ways to maintain a positive brand presence during this difficult time of uncertainty and the unknown.

Keep Customers in the Loop

During the current crisis, many companies have shortened store hours, altered current offerings, or shut down their offices altogether. Work as a team to decide what actions your company will take to protect employees and customers during the COVID-19 outbreak. Once a decision has been made, send out a statement via email and social media. Let customers know what you’re doing to protect their safety and how they will still receive exceptional service during this challenging time. Make them aware of any logistical changes that have been implemented. If your store hours have changed, update them in your google business account and put up an old fashioned sign on the front door if applicable.

Add a banner or pop-up to your site with your statement and any additional COVID-19 updates. Make it the first thing your customers see when they visit your website so they can quickly catch up on the changes that you’ve made for the near future.

Utilize Social Media

With the majority of people confined to their homes, they are looking to social media now more than ever. Catching up with the latest news and entertainment is now an hourly occurrence for most people working from home, craving social interaction. Increase your social marketing efforts, including social media posts, videos, and blog articles. Share relevant topics that will provide entertainment or useful tips and tricks to help your followers cope with being stuck inside.

Double down on your digital marketing efforts as well. Provide coupons and promotions as an incentive to encourage customers to make a purchase. Show them that you’re a family-friendly company and share the ways that you’re looking out for your employees and how they can help. Getting them involved helps to build a personal connection.

Send Out Consistent Newsletters

Stay relevant by emailing your clients and customers regularly. Send them tips regarding the recent outbreak and how your company can help them during this difficult time. Even if your products or services don’t seem relevant, they are. Give examples of how clients can utilize your offerings to help their everyday life during the quarantine or keep them entertained while being stuck at home. E-commerce has never been more powerful, and consumers will be eager to purchase online now more than ever for fear of having to brave going outdoors.

Maintain Quality Customer Service

With everyone going through a difficult time, be accommodating to your customers. Whatever questions or concerns they have, go out of your way to keep them satisfied. They are much more likely to recommend your business or come back themselves if they like how you treated them with the utmost care during a crisis.

Your Customers Still Need You

With so many unknown factors, it can be overwhelming knowing how to keep your business afloat. However, remember your customers haven’t lost their loyalty. They need a reminder that you’re still here and ready to serve them the very best you can, even in difficult times.