Having a WordPress website is of great benefit for your business, but what happens when you need to make certain changes and updates to it? Do you know what to do and how to do it? At Sandcastle Web Design & Development,we are experts on Seattle web design and would like to share this useful information.

There are 5 regular things you need to do with your WordPress website so you can be sure that you are keeping it maintained and operating at full efficiency, just like when you first launched it. You might be asking why is this important? Well, this is because if by any chance anything happens to your website, if hackers are trying to mess with it, if it is not protected or well maintained, the security and efficient running of the website degrades and certain weaknesses can make it more vulnerable. You can be at risk of losing your website’s search visibility or it may perform poorly because you haven’t kept up-to-date with core or plugin updates.

Here are some tips to keep up with maintenance on your WordPress website and avoid all types of issues.

1. Keep Your Core Plugins and Themes Updated

First, you should make sure you keep your core plugins and themes updated regularly. This will help you stay safe against hackers and you will also be more up-to-date with features and technologies that are changing constantly. It is recommended that you do this at least once a month. It’s fairly simple and something that doesn’t take a lot of time.

2. Backup Your Website Regularly

It is important that you backup your website because if something unplanned happens to it, you can always restore it and can have your website back up as if nothing had happened. If you haven’t got a backup, you site content could be gone forever. It is important to make sure your website is backed up so that if by any chance your website crashes or something is deleted, you always have that safety net.

3. Make Sure You Perform Malware Scans

The third tip is to perform malware scans on your website regularly. This is important because if your website gets infected, it might not be evident. It could still be up and running with no noticable changes. However, the malware could add something really simple like a link into your footer promoting sketchy products or services and things that could harm your reputation. By using a safe malware scanner, you will be checking all types of infections and issues with your website.

4. Clean Your Wordpress Database

We also recommend cleaning up your WordPress database regularly. If your WordPress database is full, it becomes difficult for the server to find the information it needs. By using WP optimize you can clean up your database and get rid of old revisions. It is perfect to clean up and make sure everything is where it should be. It will make your database more efficient and therefore your website will run faster.

These are very important things you must do to keep your WordPress website running at its best. If you have any other questions regarding any other type of website maintenance and updates don’t hesitate and contact Sandcastle Web Design & Development in Seattle Washington at (206) 325-5383, where one of our specialists will gladly assist you and answer all of your questions.

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