Gone are the days of only fortune 500 companies that can afford to create video-based content. With the rise of smartphones and affordable video equipment, it’s easier now more than ever to create impactful videos that drive potential customers to your business. As a small business, it’s time to harness the power of the internet and build life-lasting relationships with your customers.

Connect With Potential Customers

Video marketing allows potential customers to go behind the scenes of your company without being there in person. Take time to show them how your product or service is made and get them involved in the decision making process. Show them that behind the business are real people with real lives. When they connect with you on a personal level, they are more likely to utilize your business and genuinely recommend you to their family and friends.

Post videos directly on your website behind the scenes of your business. This could include how something is made, your office or to ask for feedback on an upcoming project Get potential customers engaged the moment they reach the homepage, to encourage them to stay and browse additional content.

Engagement on Social Media

Social media is one of your most powerful video tools in today’s society. Post short clips that feature current news and updates about the company. When something big happens, whether good or bad, share it with your followers. Give them a reason to engage and to visit your site. When a potential customer feels like they are being validated and included, they want to return the favor. So keeping them in the loop will help make them feel apart of the family.

The Power of Video Testimonials

Give prospective customers a reason to purchase your product. Create video testimonials of clients or customers who have had a good experience working with you in the past. By creating a video, you’ll tell a story of how your business changed the person’s life. It’ll get people excited to work with you when they see the positive impact your company has had on others.

Great for Google Ranking

One of the factors determining your search ranking is how long people stay on your site. When you implement videos, you’ll encourage people to stay on your site longer. They are more likely to engage with your video if it’s entertaining and provides informative content. Videos are also easily shared across social media and other platforms. This will help optimize your site and bring people back to watch your latest video.

You Don’t Need Fancy Equipment

All you need to create a video is a smartphone or basic video equipment to create quality content. With so many online editing tools, you can create a quality video in a short period. With the click of a button, you’ll be sharing your masterpiece with the world, inviting them to learn more about your business.

Get Started Now

Video marketing has never been easier for small businesses. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of a technology-filled world. Market your company using video to help maximize engagement with a simple click of a button.