In order to make the most out of the advancements being made in the world of search engines, it is important to stay ahead – and right now it is imperative to consolidate SEO and PPC into one well-oiled machine. PPC and SEO both share the same goal of increasing traffic to websites but are often seen as two distinct, separate tools. While this is technically true, it is important to also focus on how PPC and SEO can work together.

A quick look into how both methods function

  • SEO works directly with the content, using the text itself as a tool to get more web traffic.
  • PPC utilizes advertising by paying platforms to advertise a business.

If you think of these two techniques as two branches of the same tree, rather than as separate entities, you can use them both to strengthen and benefit each other. If you treat them as separate you are doing your business a huge disservice.

Some ways that PPC and SEO can work together

If your SEO and PPC teams have clear communication, there are a few ways that both parties can work together to make things easier for each other. Paid advertisements are effective at initially capturing the attention of your demographic, which is great! However, without good SEO and quality content, you will lack consistency and will struggle to main a returning viewer base.

  • If the paid advertising team notices that a particular style of writing and advertising is generating more traffic, and is more appealing to the target demographic than other styles used, they can share this information with those working on the SEO – enabling them to make the necessary adjustments so that they can further optimize their content for traffic.
  • On the other hand, information obtained from SEO data can also be used to make paid advertisements more effective! In recent times SEO has shifted from utilizing singular keywords to long-tail phrases, which allows for much more insight into the minds of those falling into the target demographic. The PPC team can use this information to make their advertisements more appealing to their audience by changing vocabulary and phrasing to match the insight gained from the SEO data.
  • Using SEO and PPC together can also do wonders for enhancing landing pages. By utilizing SEO data, those working on PPC can ensure that they are placing their ads near the most relevant places – the spots in the text that are most likely to capture the attention of the audience.

These are just a few ways that SEO and PPC can work together. Over time you will likely notice numerous benefits after taking steps to integrate the two, one being increased efficiency in creating an advertising budget, and less wasted money! This is due to an increased ability to target when and where to run ads thanks to all of the extra insight that becomes available when you use SEO and PPC together.