With the increase in technological innovations in the ad space, more and more marketing dollars are being allocated toward paid ads. Everywhere you look online you see some type of ad that is becoming more and more catered to your interests. Today, we are going to look at how you can use paid ads to help retain more customers.

Remarketing to Past Customers

When it comes to marketing, nothing is worse than losing a customer. With the advances in paid ads, you can put customers in “buckets” and market specific offers to them to try to gain them back. For example, you can market specifically to people who have not made a purchase in the last 180 days. This is the perfect time to show them an ad that has a returning customer promotion to help get them back into the sales funnel on your site.

Customize Offers by Audience

With so many different attributes to choose from when creating audiences, the possibilities are endless. For those who visited your site but did not check out, you can market a new user special to get them in the door. If you have a group who purchases from you regularly, you can offer VIP sales codes to be used. By customizing offers by specific audiences, people are more likely to convert as they feel more connected rather than a blanket offer that is used for every audience.

Show Off Your Related Services or Products

To help upsell products that go together, you can segment specific users who have purchased a certain product and market the product you would like to upsell. This ad would be catered specifically to the user you wanted and can help shape their buying habits to get them to buy products that are like the original product that they had purchased. This can work for services as well as you can offer installation services for specific products that the customer has purchased.

Get Visual

Gone are the days of the standard text ad that plagued the early 2000s. Consumers are wanting to be visually stimulated and their attention tends to focus on action and bright colors. When creating your paid ads, make sure to double down on lifestyle photos, videos, or product photos to take up space on the page and to help give the customer something to look at. By showing off your product, you can streamline the sales funnel by eliminating the need for the customer to go to your site to get a first look of the product.

Recapture Cart Abandoners

Last, but certainly not least, you can remarket to those who have started the checkout process but did not complete it. Customers abandon checkout for many reasons, with most being price. However, you can win these customers back by remarketing the product to them with a coupon code to help persuade them on completing the purchase. Of course, the customer could have simply forgotten to checkout and a simple reminder can help bring them back to purchase.