Even though the world we live in is becoming more and more digital, we still like businesses that have a strong community presence. A business that operates strictly online seems, somehow, very impersonal. We like to know who we are buying from and what they stand for. So how do we combine digital marketing and community presence?

Actually, localized digital marketing can do wonders for your business’s community presence. This may seem counter-intuitive or even like it wouldn’t work but it actually does. There are four ways we are going to talk about that can do just this.

Local Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is needed when you have a small business to drive local business to your brick and mortar shop. By making sure you have your address and phone number on your Facebook page and registered with Google, Bing, and other search engines will ensure that people can find you.

I’m sure you have googled a local business to try to find out where they are or if they are open. All of that information pops up in the search results and makes it easy for potential customers to access. If the information isn’t there, then you can bet you won’t be getting their business. Just the act of people knowing you are in the community will boost your presence.

Giving Back

Figuring out a way to give back to your community, even in a small way, will not only boost your community presence, but it will also help you during tax time. Helping others that are local to you will help your bottom line in the long run. A few ideas would be to sponsor a local sports team or provide monthly books for a classroom of children.

People feel better about supporting businesses that they can get behind in a personal way. I can’t tell you how many businesses I have found out about through the giving back they did at my child’s school. This not only endeared me to them but also earned my business.

Fresh Content

This is where blogs and podcasts come in. You can also contact a local newspaper to pitch an interview or some kind of media campaign. It doesn’t have to be big or even fancy, just get your business out there.

Also, updating your website and blog regularly will keep your business in front of the community’s face. People love sharing new things or things that they love, and your business doesn’t need to be different.

Focus on Your Niche

If you are a specialty baby clothing boutique, then you probably aren’t going to advertise at a nursing home or assisted living home. It is important to pay attention to where your target market hangs out and market there. You also need to produce digital marketing content that is laser-focused on your niche.

You need to find out where your local niche market is hanging out online and go there with your marketing efforts.