Emails are a direct and affordable way to market your services and products to the masses. To be effective, though, email marketing has to take advantage of every innovation and tool available. By far, the most innovative and powerful tool in today’s digital marketing landscape is Artificial Intelligence. To some extent, you may already be using AI; if your company is using automated emails, that’s a form of AI.

There’s so much more that you could be doing with it, though. Here are just a few of the ways you can utilize AI to take your digital marketing to the next level:


People rarely read mass emails. When they do, they skim it to see if there’s a really great offer inside, and that’s it. And it usually needs to be a truly great offer for them to bite. An email that looks like it was written just for them, though, is almost always going to be opened and read. The ability of AI to analyze consumer behavior makes customized emails for all of your subscribers possible. You can ask your customers to set certain preferences for what type of information they want to receive when they sign up for your email list to give the software a head start. AI is making personalized mass emails possible, and that makes email a much more powerful marketing tool.

Optimized Subject Lines

Half the battle in digital marketing is getting people to open an email. The subject line is the key to getting a person to click on a message; if the subject line is uninteresting, they won’t open it. What AI can do is analyze which of the emails you sent are being opened, and how many people are opening them. This will give you vital information about the subject lines you use and how effective they are. Before long, AI will be able to refine your email subjects enough to dramatically increase the number of people who open your emails.

Better Automated Emails

AI can generate entirely automated email marketing campaigns based on behavior patterns and even certain events. With AI, you won’t even need to decide when to launch the campaign, you’ll know the ideal time, and you may not even have to do any of the work yourself.

Optimizing Time and Frequency

Everyone has times when they check their email and times when they don’t. More precisely, everyone has times when they open their email, and times they don’t. AI can analyze when your subscribers are actually opening their messages, and wait to send an email until that time. This way, when they look at their inbox, your message is the first one they see. It can also analyze the patterns in which they open your email to determine when you’re sending messages too frequently, or not frequently enough.

AI is changing the digital marketing landscape and fast. Email marketing is becoming faster, easier, and more efficient thanks to the ability of AI technology to quickly analyze patterns and behavior and optimize every aspect of your emails. Contact us today to discuss all of your online marketing needs.