If you’ve entered the world of running PPC ads for your business and haven’t had much success, then these tips might be just what you need to get heading in the right direction. When it comes to setting up ads that convert well, it takes a bit of work and experimentation. You should never expect to create high converting ads on the first try, and even if you do, it merely means with a bit more work, you can get even better conversions. The more conversions you get means more money in your pocket. So, we will now take a look at a couple of tips that will help you to increase your conversion rate.

Write Great Ads

The first tip is writing ads that people can’t wait to click on. Remember, if no one clicks on your ads, then you won’t have any chance of converting. So, your ad copy is critical, and it needs to be enticing for your target audience. The more people that click, the more chances you have of converting. Your ads should be highly relevant to the keywords or search query that you’re targeting, and it is recommended that you choose keywords that are lower down in the buying cycle. For example, it is better to create ads that are targeted towards keywords such as “best dog collar” as opposed to “dog.” This is because people searching for “best dog collar” are more likely ready to buy.

Make Sure Your Ad Copy Is Aligned with Your Landing Page

Next, whenever you create ad copy, it should be highly related to the landing page and it should fulfill the CTA that was shown on the ad copy. For example, if your ad copy’s CTA was “Click to Buy Your Personalized Dog Collar,” then the landing page should enable the visitor to purchase the dog collar. If the landing page is irrelevant or does not follow through on the promise of the ad, then most people will immediately click away.

Also, the more relevant your ad is to your landing page, the more people will stay on your landing page which will lead to a higher quality score. The higher your quality score, the higher Google will rank your ad in their SERPs. This will naturally result in more clicks and conversions.

Get A Higher CTR

When it comes to getting more conversions, you need to have a higher CTR or click through rate on your ad. Your CTR refers to the percentage of people that click through on your ad. So, if 1000 people see your ad and 20 actually click on it, then your CTR is (20/1000) x 100 which is 2%. So, you should aim to increase your CTR as high as possible so that more people click through. You can do this by capitalizing the first letter in each word of your title which makes your ad stand out, leading to more clicks. You should also do split testing using different images and text to see which ad copy performs better.


In closing, we have just looked at a few ways in which you can get more conversions from PPC ads. There are many more ways you can do so than the ones listed above, so be sure to continue researching and testing different strategies.